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Line your sex store shelves with vagina trackpad decals, okay?!?

Ever sold things to people who aren’t interested? Then you know how easy it is!

HA! April Fools, yall.

In case you haven’t heard, DoubleClit Here is now sold at Fantasy Party store in NYC! Huzzah!

It’s awesome news and I’m thrilled about finally being in a brick and mortar store. But there’s a lot more stores with a lot more shelves. So armed with DCH product samples and brochures, I’ve been visiting of sex stores and boutiques all over NYC. I have new found admiration for that required high school reading, Death of a Salesman. Poor Willy Loman- door to door sales are rough. The first challenge is actually talking to the store decision makers. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “they don’t come in until after 4” and ” they are out of town” or “they only respond to emails.” There is literally nothing harder than speaking face to face with store buyers! But I’m slowly making contacts, and more importantly I’m not giving up. If you’re a store buyer reading this right now, sorry I’m not sorry if I annoy you. It’s only because you don’t understand how great my product is! Allow me to explain: DoubleClit Here trackpad decals challenge people to think about women’s bodies and sex in a revolutionarily open and funny way. And those ideas promote growth towards a positive, feminist, healthy sex. Take that, sex-negativity!

When a store buyer buys vagina coloring books for their store but says they’re not interested in carrying DoubleClit Here trackpad decals, I’m flabbergasted. But I’m hanging in there and DoubleClit Here will be on more store shelves soon!

Viva la vagina!

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