Friday night packing party at the DCH Workshop!

Greetings from the DoubleClit Here workshop! Friday night, I brought in a fabulous team of feminist folk to get those decals in the packaging and ready to mail. Here’s the DoubleClit Here team in action: Stanley, Max, and Greyslax:


Max is the director of the DoubleClit Here videos- have you seen them? Check them out on Youtube here and here (I’m in this one…:) )
Emily and Nicole with their iced vagina cookies. Honestly, is there anything more delicious than a vagina (cookie)?

FINALLY used Microsoft Word mailmerge correctly to print shipping labels. Hardest thing to figure out ever.
photo 1
Tada! Look at all those trackpads all ready to go

Thanks for going on this journey with me, yall. Yall are my first supporters, and I can’t wait to send out the trackpads!

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