International shipping + Paypal payment

Hey yall,

Awesome new features in the DoubleClit Here store:



I received a TON of emails from international vag lovin’ folk requesting (and begging) for me to send DoubleClit Here vagina trackpad decals their way. Your wish is my command. Now when you get to the checkout page, specify which country you need your vagina trackpad shipped to!

Currently, I can ship to the following countries:







United Kingdom

If your country isn’t listed yet, don’t despair and stay tuned – I’m adding more countries as I figure out international shipping costs!

2. Only Paypal Payments

I’ve been getting spooked by all these terrible, awful things I hear about what happens to e-commerce businesses if their online platforms are hacked. Very bad things happen. I care about all you fabulous feminists who order my trackpad decals- my customers’ privacy and security is my number one priority. Thus, from here out, all payment transactions will take place through Paypal! Paypal is like the Las Vegas of online sales – what happens on Paypal STAYS on Paypal – so customer information will never be compromised.  Plus you can use Paypal as a guest in case you don’t have/want an account.

Thanks for reading, yall. Your support and preorders have made DoubleClit Here a reality- it’s so awesome!