Unfortunately our product was just too hot to handle and IndieGoGo had to shut down the fundraising campaign. However, we have gotten the shopping page on the website up and running so we can manage everything right from this nub hub! Check out the Products page to purchase your “Classic Vanessa” or “Kinky Kiki” decal, or to donate to the DoubleClit Here cause.

As a brand new business, DoubleClit Here needs a little help from our friends (about $4,500) to launch the products and brand. Funding will go toward:

  1. Product manufacturing and shipping: the first production will consist of the 2 designs (the classic “Vanessa” and the kinky “Kiki”) in 3 different sizes to fit Apple products.
  2. Admission / Exhibition space at the Adult Novelty Expo 2014: the Adult Novelty Expo is the biggest, baddest showcase for adult products and DoubleClit Here is going to rock it! It’s in Las Vegas. Eliza is in Brooklyn. So the money will go towards getting her there and the associated exhibiting fees.
  3. Launching the next phase of products: designs featuring more vaginas in all colors, shapes, and sizes and decals that fit an expanded array of computers outside the Mac family.


Donations can be made on the product page and are listed as $5 but please give whatever you are comfortable with by determining the number of “products” you select.


Thanks for your love and support y’all!