Love your lady parts? Hate how vaginas are a taboo topic? DoubleClit Here is a computer trackpad decal that boldly pushes the vagina front and center. We are too often taught to feel grossed out by the sight of a body part that is beautiful and important just as it is, and DoubleClit Here seeks to break this stigma by presenting the vagina in a new, hilariously interactive, OMG-inducing way.


WHAT IS IT?: DoubleClit Here decals are an adhesive stickers that fits on Apple product trackpads. They feature illustrations of glorious lady bits. And when you use the trackpad, it looks like…well, use your “imvagination”!

TO USE: Swipe the trackpad’s clitoris, and your mouse will scroll on screen. Additionally, all the features of the Apple trackpad: two fingered tap, swipe, zoom, etc all function normally with the decal installed.

The decal is easy to take on and off your trackpad. Just peel and stick.


See DoubleClit Here decal in action here with this video (YouTube, not spam, I promise):

Currently, DoubleClit Here decals come in three designs (with more colors, shapes, sizes, etc. to come with additional funding!)

Design #1, the “Vanessa”: vanessa.insitu
Design #2, the “Kiki”: kiki.insitu
Design #3, the DoubleClit Logo:  ({i}).insitu copyA SFW option for hardcore, vagina lovin’, and conservative feminists:

Designs come in three sizes to fit Mac products. Decals for other computing devices coming soon.:

  • All MacBook Air laptops
  • All MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops with unibutton trackpads (standard)
  • Apple multi-touch, Magic trackpads

This product has been a “labia” of love for me, and I’m glad to finally share it with you. I’m excited to expand the DoubleClit Here collection soon. This is the initial launch, but you can look forward to more designs (featuring more vaginas) in more sizes to fit more computer products.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch! doubleclithere (at) gmail (dot) com or the contact form.